We are your partner for the development and production of industrially printed components. Regardless of the industry, we support you with our know-how. In addition to developments and topology optimization of components for the additive manufacturing we show you the best manufacturing processes for your specific application.

The production takes place at the specialists of the respective procedures. We offer our customers the highest quality, reliability and flexibility. Long-term customer relationships and mutual success are our main values.
Let us show you the possibilities of additive engineering. Take the chance and reach the next level with us.


A plane that is 40% lighter and more efficient and can be produced in half the time. Wishful thinking?
No! From our perspective, the design and production in a number of industries will change dramatically in the coming years. The genius of nature serves as a model for the evolution of design.

Additive engineering represents the first step in order to exploit the potential of additive manufacturing.
We dream of products which are made of one specific material and locally nevertheless have different properties.
Let us start with the optimization of your components.


Silvio Waldmeier


Driven by curiosity, he is constantly on the lookout for the next innovation. He found the entry into the world of technology during his studies as an engineer. After a few years in the aerospace industry he sees huge potential in the design freedom of additive manufacturing and the resulting weight savings.

Fabio Maissen


The passion for technology and the ability to optimize products again and again inspires him. Improving properties with ideas from nature and thus realize their full potential for lightweight construction, have led him to study mechanical engineering. The opportunities created by additive manufacturing in this area, he recognized in his work in the field of product development.

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